COVID-19 Protocol

We inform you of the new park access regulations due to the COVID-19 protocol:

1. Se permitirá el acceso a un máximo de 2 no participantes.

2. The picnic area will be closed (It is exclusively for birthdays). It will not be permited to stay on site upon completion of the activities. Snacks and drinks will remain available over the counter.

3. Booking is compulsory. We will not allow last minute changes in the numbers of participants.

4. Mask will be compulsory only during the putting on of harnesses and the introductory course.

5. We recommend the use of protection gloves (made of reinforced fabric) to protect yourself from cables. That gloves we will sell for 1€ (cost price) and then they will become the exclusive property of the client that can be taken back home for further use. If you have protection gloves (bike, gym, work, gardening), you can bring your own. It is not compulsory to wear them.

6. The lockers can now be used. If they are busy, please leave your belongings in your car, or in a backpack which enables you to do the activity. Keep your keys in a safe, closed pocket.

7. If you have any symptoms please stay home.