School Visits

What do we offer?

An adventure in the trees

Entre Ramas Aventura offers pupils an incredibly fun and adventurous activity in nature. Our activities are designed for pupils from 3rd grade Primary up to High School, since we offer various multi-adventure circuits among the treetops with different levels of difficulty so that everyone may find the ideal course for their age and physical condition. From the easiest and lowest height for beginners, up to the highest and boldest for the most adventurous.

What are the benefits?

The activities at Entre Ramas Aventura...

Contribute to the knowledge and respect of the natural environment and local flora

Help develop motor capacities in children and adults

Improve confidence in oneself, self-surpassing and comradeship

Teach to respect security norms and the importance of following protocols

Price lists

Circuits only

3rd-6th Primary

4 Circuits


Free entry for teachers


5 Circuits


Free entry for teachers

High School

6 Circuits


Free entry for teachers

...And for only


Circuits + Nature Classroom

What is the Nature Classroom?

The Nature Classroom consists of a group of activities during which we guide the pupils in developing their environmental conscience through games.

Everything takes place within the confines of the park and the pupils are divided into groups accompanied by monitors. The circuits are followed during the morning, followed by a picnic lunch break and the Nature Classroom during the afternoon.