Our Beaches

A paradise at our feet

Entre Ramas Aventura is located 800m from the best beaches in Andalusia. Cala del Aceite, Calas de Roche, Playa de la Barrosa… you can choose your preferred spot.

We’ll create the perfect day for you; morning at the beach and afternoon of adventure at Entre Ramas Aventura, or the other way round, whichever you prefer.

Where to eat?

Kitchens for all tastes

If you’d like quick but delicious food, visit Venta Los Pinos. At only 800m from the park, on the same road of Urbanización Roche, you can enjoy plate meals, menus, tapas and sandwiches at a very good price.

For those who enjoy good food and after-lunch chats, we suggest El Timón de Roche restaurant. Located at an idyllic spot in the Roche development, at the end of Avenida Inglaterra, with views and access to the extensive beach and Cala encendida. Ample terraces and two dining rooms, in addition to a landscape kiosk right next to the beach. The specialty is typical Cadiz cuisine, with in particular trap net tuna, rock fish from Conil, rice and fried dishes, in addition to the meats and cold cuts of the best quality. The terrace and garden are fantastic for having a drink while enjoying the views and tranquility that predominate in El Timón.

Other nearby options include Venta El Chiclanero, the Mar y Monte grill, El Caserio and many more establishments.

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