Safety commitment

Safety first

Safety is our primary commitment. That’s why Entre Ramas Aventura was built according to the European construction norm EN 15567-1 and is run under the parameters of European norm EN 15567-2. An independent company reviews and certifies the state and safety of our installations annually.

In addition to applying this strict norm, our installations feature an innovative system called “continuous lifeline” which prevents the participants from unhitching themselves from the lifeline. The system consists of a single steel cable which runs from the first game until the last, ensuring the safety of the participant throughout the entirety of the circuit.

Protection Equipment

Each participant has a Personal Protection Equipment consisting of a harness, two karabiners and one pulley, all of which are approved under the European norm.

Each karabiner has a different function. One of them is a classic karabiner which the participant can open and close. The other one is designed to fit our continuous lifeline safety system, and is introduced onto the main steel cable at the beginning of the circuit, and is never removed until the end of the circuit. Each time the participant reaches the end of a game, an opening in the karabiner allows him to move on to the next game without disengaging from the lifeline. This system offers maximum safety and zero risk of falling. The participant can move on from tree to tree with total safety.

Our Monitors

Entre Ramas Aventura features a team of highly qualified monitors which will be supervising the activities at all times.

They are in charge of providing the training course to teach beginners to correctly use the personal protection equipment, thus allowing them to move independently between the trees and circuits with total safety.